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Everclear Sheet by SilverOkami666
Everclear Sheet

Application for Chevalin-Wanderlust!

Name: Everclear

 Age: 19

Gender: Mare

 Breed(s): Anglo Arabian

Starting Location: The East Island


Faction: Exile

Rank: Scout


Personality: [ adventurous | challenging | clever | elegant | eloquent | empathetic | self-critical | impulsive ]

Everclear tends to be bold and honest, making her quite impulsive at times. Trying to keep herself open and withhold from hiding things, sometimes she may push other's limits of comfort. Outspoken and loyal, it is hard for her to form any true grudges, so her breaking point is pretty high. Though being so outlandish has a tendency to get her into trouble; she often finds herself in prickly situations. A little bit of structure is needed for her, she has a hard time being totally independent due to her history. Without structure and time with others she will become bitter and rather quiet. Bottling up her emotions causes anxiety to build inside her, so she eventually becomes clever and well articulated with words if provoked. Everclear believes she has to have a voice to survive, and without one her morality is challenged.

History: (Minimum 3 paragraphs)

Born into a family full of brothers, as the youngest and a mare she learned quickly she had to tough up and speak up if she wanted to get anything from her parents. Even though her brothers were destined to lead, her father still took a particular likeness with her. As a favorite child she grew spoiled and pampered, and her brothers soon got sick of the little filly. Especially the brother right above her, who grew bitter of her very quickly. Soon he began tormenting her, excluding her from the activities of the others in the herd. Eventually the abuse became even more sinister.

All of this began at such a young age that her brothers lacked empathy, and once they tricked her into a game of hide and seek. Everclear thought she had hid so well that they would never find her, but nevertheless her brothers never even tried looking for her. After hours of cowering in the forest she began to wonder where they had went and began to wander. Unfortunately, she had hid so well that she was lost herself. Once night came fear began to paralyze her; she thought she would never see light again. The night was cold and after what seemed like forever, she heard rusting in the woods.

With a sense of hope she edged towards the sound, only to encounter a lone mare and her foal. With the threat of danger gone she emerged from her hiding place and became aquianted with the new mare that would be her mother. She didn't know how far she had wandered, and at such a young age she didn't understand what had happened--or why. Ever since she has suppressed her memories of her old family, even the warmth of her father, even to the point where she has forgotten what their names and eventually her original one. Refusing to accept abandonment, she promised herself she wouldn't be elusive like those before her, giving her her name: Everclear.

 [ could use a little development.. will write more later as she evolves].

Character (C) me [+7 tier].

New Character by SilverOkami666
New Character
By combining some of my old concepts and new, I finally created my own horse character. With a lot of inspiration from the artists in Chevalin-Wanderlust like :iconcrystaluniicorn: and :iconfillyfalls: and other horse roleplay groups, I kind of want to join one. She's suppose to have those crazy long mane and tails that are so gorgeous but I wasn't really able to get the effect I wanted. ;-; Still, I think she's got the right idea. ^ Still nameless, any suggestions?

I also tried to draw the same pose in as many angles as possible, a an awesome sculpture was referenced here.

Character and art (C) me.
If I were a bust... by SilverOkami666
If I were a bust...
One of my older characters that I don't draw much, and never really made it into my gallery. My buck character Reid.

Textures and reference to original owners.
High by SilverOkami666
Another painting of Diego Jazlo today! Didn't draw his scars fully, though.

Characters belong to me, textures to their original owners.

Edited it a little. Made a few mistakes before.
SOMETHING FOR ME TO DO. At 8,000 page views. Just note me with a screenshot of your pageview, please.

EDIT: Kiribian caught!


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